Good reasons for reconditioning shock absorbers:

Significant cost savings

FEUERLAND refurbishes shock absorbers only if the expected cost is no more than 50% - 60% of the price when new. This allows the costs of purchasing new shock absorbers to be kept to a minimum, and thus can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing shock absorbers.

Saving of valuable resources and raw materials

FEUERLAND is able to assess the use of non-faulty, certified parts. This saves on raw materials, and directly puts new value into usable parts. The reusability of parts such as piston rods, cylinder barrels, etc. saves on using new materials and can help to coordinate effective working capacity and machine workloads.

Fast access if a replacement is needed, without long lead times

FEUERLAND evaluates the reconditioning of shock absorbers as a service for the customer. This is why these technically qualified installation services can be executed in a relatively short time. Special types of product, particular dimensions, uncommon settings, small batches and individual pieces can be regenerated quickly and reliably, and used again.

Reduction of environmental pollution

FEUERLAND guarantees that environmentally harmful components are properly disposed of, thus leading to recyclable usage. This is of course brings about many provable benefits for the customer.




Shock-absorber-reconditioning procedure:


1. Disassembly



2. Polishing the piston rod

Polieren der Kolbenstange


3. Assembly



4. Checking and adjusting

Pruefen und Einstellen
Pruefen und Einstellen


5. Finishing