Mechanical engineering and threaded parts

The company Feuerland-Werkstätten supplies pins, bushes, threaded parts according to DIN or in special dimensions in different materials. Surface finishing of any kind carried out in cooperation with partner companies according to requirements or specifications. Special designs, individual parts as well as special solutions are available.

  • Press-fit bush
  • Pin with/without thread
  • Pin with/without head
  • Pin with head DIN 5526
  • Pin with lubrication groove
  • Pin with toothing
  • Brake shoe key
  • Brake lever connector
  • Brake Spindle
  • Brake Spindle – nut
  • Press-in bushes DIN 1552
  • Plungers
  • Guide pins
  • Guide bushings
  • Baseplate
  • Lever complete for center brake


Bolzen mit Kopf
Pin with head