Evacuation ladder system "Feuerland"

evakuierungssteg1The evacuation system comprises two equal sized parts for straightforward incorporation in passenger trains. In an emergency the two parts can be manually joined together and then locked.
Our evacuation ladder fulfils two functions.

Ladder function:

To ensure a passenger train carriage can be left safely the system can be used as a ladder.
The requirements of DIN 131-2 apply for the loads on usage as a ladder.

Walkway function

A further possible application for our evacuation ladder
is usage as a walkway so that passengers can pass safely from one carriage to the next.
For both variants the permissible load is up to 240 kg or maximum three persons.


Our standard ladder has the dimensions:

  • Length min.: 1900 mm (retracted) Length max.: 2500 mm (extended)
  • Width: 489 mm
  • Weight: 27 Kg

However, it would not be a problem to design the evacuation ladder to suit your individual requirements and to modify the length and width to your needs.
In addition, we have designed a container for our evacuation ladders so that the ladder can be safely and space-savingly stored during the journey.

The standard container has the dimensions 1160x600x250 mm and a weight of 10 kg. However, it would also not be problem here to modify the transport container to suit your specific evacuation ladder.


Evakuierungssteg 1
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