ISO 9001:2015

A guarantee of the highest quality – the company Feuerland-Werkstätten stands for products of the highest quality and has been certified according to quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 for many years now.

The highest standards of quality significantly shapes the corporate culture at Feuerland and is firmly rooted in all areas. In accordance with the standard, all of our employees are trained in the quality management system, fulfil its requirements at all times, and are capable of uncovering the potential for improvements.

The desire to fulfil our customers' demands and expectations at a constantly high level is top of the list for us. In order to ensure consistently high customer satisfaction and product quality, Feuerland only works with selected suppliers who meet such quality requirements. In the course of this process, each intake of goods is of course subject to quality control.
As a supplier, we are aware of our great responsibility for product safety and quality vis-à-vis our customers. Before shipping, all products are therefore carefully checked by us once again.

In accordance with the ISO standard principle, Feuerland's quality management system is subject to the demand for constant improvement and increase the efficiency of the processes.